Ferrari.  Such passion, heritage and mystique.  Imagine your uncle having a 50 year old Ferrari in a barn that still looks  and runs great.  One of those once in a lifetimes stories or stories you don’t believe when you hear it.  ”This guy is full of  crap,” you say to yourself.  Well, my uncle doesn’t have one in his barn and I do not now anyone who does.

However, through music, we can all dream what it would be like driving this pristine machine.  Red Barchetta, from Rush’s 1981 album “Moving Pictures” comes as close as most of will to the experience of a Ferrari.  Lyrical master Neil Peart, drummer for RUSH wrote the lyrics.  They can be interpreted in different ways.  Where his idea for the song came has been dedicated as well.  Some say he simply saw a Red Barchetta, others say he based the song in part on a book, “A Nice Morning Drive”.  Whatever the case, kick back listen and enjoy this little High Def music video and car nugget wrapped into one.


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  1. Bob says:

    Great song, great car and great video.

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